Support to Industry supporto alle imprese


Salento investments team has, over the years, accumulated a large experience working with corporates, small and medium enterprises SMEs and start-up. We help companies to maximise their objectives and results throughout support in the research and hands on in “the field”.

We cover several business sectors that can support either local companies and companies interested to invest in the region: Local investments, corporate strategy, supply chain management, R&D…


  • Searching for business partners: Research, audit and screening of potential business partners
  • Due Diligence: Revision of direct marketing companies involved and the statutory audit and financial assistance through federated
  • Guided tours: Pre, during and after service and coordination for local tours organized by local companies
  • Territorial Auditing: Finding sites to set up companies or branches
  • Open Start-up: Delegation and registration of the company, opening representative office, research staff
  • Project Management representative on site, supervision of project development, periodic reporting from the investor


  • Segmentation and Positioning Business: What strategy is the right one for your business? Let's talk ...
  • Product Strategy and clients: Use of strategic models to assess products and value propositions
  • Megatrends and Market Analysis: Research and analysis of the latest trends, potential of a region or nation
  • Business Plan: Support in making and reviewing company Business Plan
  • Analysis of Return of Investments: Using financial techniques to evaluate the financial return on investment
  • Search of Equity: search for potential investors, recapitalization via Venture Capital, direct investment


  • SC set-up and Management: Enabling ERP, MRP, On Time Delivery, Strategy of Inventory
  • Relationships with Suppliers: organization of supplies, cost strategies, expansion plans, production, contracts Inventory SC
  • Programs of inspection and audit suppliers: Implementation models for the evaluation of suppliers in terms of quality, risk capacity production, office support (purchasing, engineering, ...)
  • Outsourcing of production: analysis of the products, markets, strategic evaluation of suppliers, production line transfer program
  • Business Resumption Plan: Analysis and Risk Assessment, a strategic document, periodic review


  • Revision of products: Programs tear down, Quality Test
  • Reduced costs: Implementation of programs to reduce costs without affecting the intelligent quality
  • Development of new products: Market research, long-term goals of clients, 5 forces analysis, development of key ideas
  • Relationship with Research Centers and Universities: set-up of business relationships between companies and Universities', contracts for product development, Intellectual property management, scholarships for students research
  • Competitions EU: Evaluation Framework Programs, construction of network of potential partners, responses to the tender specifications