Map of Salento

Why investing in Salento

Since 2010 Salento economy has lived a period of high growth that by the end of the first quarter of 2011 showed a like for like export index higher than 30% from the same period of the year before. A superb result when compared with the national average (15,8%) and regional (22%)

A market rich and diversified

Salento is a market very diversified ranging from Turism, Fashion and Advanced Manufacturing through to primary food production and including Furniture and High Tech engineering. Whatever industrial sector the Salento is an attractive location with customers, product innovators, suppliers and partners easily accessible. 

Creativity and Innovation

The Salento region is one of the most prolific areas of Italy. The youths are capable to think creatively and to provide highly innovative solutions. From the University trough the local industry, the Salento region is one with the highest success rate in south Italy.

Global Mentality

Since the second half of the 20th century the local industry has developed a highly international mentality due to three main factors

  • The absence of a rich local market has forced the local entrepreneurs and local industry to make business with other regions such as the north of Italy, Germany, north Europe in general and the USA
  • There is a continue flow of talents moving out the region to acquire experience, knowledge and new languages before coming back and putting themselves at disposal of the local industry
  • The natural attitude of the Salento population to accept new ways of thinking, cultures and religions

Employment Market

The employment market in Salento is one of the most open currently present in south of Italy. This has allowed the Small and Medium Enterprises to flourish and at the same time maintaining creativity and innovation.

Quality of life

Salento enjoy a reasonable high quality of life, education and recreational activity. The national health service is of high quality and there is a large cultural and social heritage that make the region one of the most visited from Italian and worldwide tourists.

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